We are exposed to bacteria and viruses everyday through every human contact we make, every public space we enter. While hand washing is the most effective defence against this risk, it isn't always possible. 

COVID-19 has unleashed an unprecedented global health emergency and dramatically increased demand for personal protection.

Our wristband sanitizer offers a convenient, simple and portable defence against viral and bacterial exposure.

The wristband filled with a hand sanitizing gel is effective against bacteria and viruses and has replaceable capsules. Simply spritz at your wrist and rub your hands. 



  • Antibacterial/antiviral hand sanitizers never seem to be in reach when you need them.
  • Everyday life including travelling through airports and metro stations inevitably exposes people to germs.
  • It's not always convenient to wash your hands every time you have touched something potentially contagious.
  • Sometimes you may just want to freshen up.


  • A product that is easy, small, portable and can be available at all times.
  • A product that ensures carrying and dispensing sanitary liquid in an ergonomic package.
  • A product that is conveniently and inconspicuously located on a person’s wrist and can be shared.
  • Refillable or disposable.


  • Antibacterial/antiviral treatment is always on hand - literally!
  • Convenient and practical.
  • Saves carrying a bottle which can leak in your pocket or bag.

Currently taking orders for quantities of 50,000 or more. Single and multi-packs including hand sanitizer spray are available. Bands can be customized with your colors and logo.

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